Jacques Bogart 

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 Edt; Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. Silver Scent was launched in 2006. Top notes are orange blossom and lemon; middle notes are rosemary, nutmeg, coriander, lavender, geranium and cardamom; base notes are litchi, tonka bean, teak wood and vetiver. Perfume rating: 3.36 out of 5

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Edt; Silver Scent Intense, launched in 2009, is more powerful, more dense and more luxurious version of the original Silver Scent from 2006. The fragrance belongs to the woody ambery fougere group. Perfume rating: 3.84 out of 5

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 Edt; One Man Show by Jacques Bogart is a Chypre fragrance for men. Top notes are artemisia, caraway, galbanum, basil, bergamot and brazilian rosewood. Perfume rating: 3.56 out of 5

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EDT; For all fans of Jacques Bogart's collection and particularly One Man Show edition from 1980, a new limited edition One Man Show Gold Edition was presented and announced as a modern and high quality edition.  Perfume rating: 3.45 out of 5

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Edt; Strong red bottle brings us fragrance for men One Man Show Ruby Edition which puts masculine woody notes accompanied with a warm oriental veil in the first plan. Perfume rating: 3.86 out of 5

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